Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am not Hazare!

For the Independence celebrations, I played the "Tryst with Destiny" speech at my office, and it was a pleasant surprise that it touched me. Listened to Rahman's rendition of Vande Mataram, it fired me up.  The clip from "Roza", where the protagonist will not let the tricolor burn, inspires me. It was serene sensation that Patriot in me hasn't dozed of forever. But, why for Hazare, I find myself wanting in the support effort? Why?
Hazare, is a gandhian, all his efforts have been non-violent. He is an icon of civil disobedience of yesteryear about which I have read through the history books. What he demands is end of corruption, save my nation from self- annihilation, from the rot within. Like most of my fellow friends, I would so like to do a "Rang De Basanti" and terrorize these corrupt. Even if we walk this forbidden passage, we will not be hailed as patriots but branded as criminals, not martyrs but terrorists. The very people supporting Anna today, will despise us.
AND they will be right in doing so, for we took Law into our own hands.

I find an ironic paradox in Anna's movement, He is protecting Democracy by trying to force Parliament to enact a law, he believes will be the Gaurdian Angel for our country's soul. No matter, how righteous his goal is, his tactics are in the breach of the spirit of our Constitution. Why not get into politics and get the support he needs? Why not change the rotted system from within and bring back some glory to our parliament? Its gonna be hard act to follow.

I mock all these supporters of the movement( I am proud of them too), who support Anna because he is not in politics. All this mass support will dwindle away, if the saint goes political. Don't tell me that political change will be too slow, I have a faster solution, the solution the French used during the siege Bastille prison in 1789. Take up the Jacobian path and execute the corrupt. and few years down the line we will have a dictator with a great vision and who will uplift the country. But will the next Julius Ceaser, Napolean or Hosni Mubarak.

My reluctance to support Anna stems from the fact that his move sets a wrong precedent, the parliament should not be forced into making laws out of fear from external forces, no matter how justifiable there demands are. I fear a hunger strike from the Kashmir separatists, the Bodo leaders or the Maoists. Would you want there demands be met, in there own eyes they are right. This will be the precursor for anarchy and chaos, not justice and equality.

Maybe, my previous point is a bit too pessimistic. A bit narrow minded and some will question daring to compare Anna with known terrorists. I just have to say " One man's Terrorist, another man's Freedom Fighter". A breach of Law is a breach, no matter how big or small. More than that I am wary of the concept of LOKPAL itself. The very idea to have a super watchdog entity  reminds me of the Latin phrase " Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?". ( Who will guard the guardians?). An institution which can challenge corruption at all levels is very seductive to the shattered soul of my beloved country, but who will watch over it. 

I have seen people marvel at the economic rise of China and question the slowness of our democratic reforms. But Democracy is the tortoise against the hare, it might be slow but its robust and true. I crave for the end of corruption, but not by the means Anna has taken. If ends justify the mean lets just execute the politcal class altogether !!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out of sight but not out of mind

There comes a time in Everyone's Life
A time when the clock  and we forget all the wars and strife!
 The silent beating heart lets its presence known,
Real art of the creator, the magic of his handiwork shown.

Its a new sensation all together, never felt such intense pain.
Like the parched dry june earth begging for some rain.
Armageddon may come, forests may burn, Rivers may dry.
but what do you care, when your heart gives a cry.

Forever it was a lonely road for you with a great pride of being a lone wolf.
No longer you are the complete side of the piece, but a trivial part of the one which is now two.
All the motivations for the targets and desires for the crown,
All the hustle and chaos of life has its volume turned down

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On this Republic day

One of my favorite poems from school.

Tujhe kuch aur bhi doo

Man Samarpit Tan Samarpit
Mera Yah Jeevan Bhi Samarpit
Chahata Hoon Desh Ki Dharti.. Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo..

Maa Tumhara Ehsaan Bohat Hai.. Tumko Naman..
Kintu Itna Sa Hai.. Phir bhi Mera Nivedan..
Thaal Mein Laau Sajaa Kar.. Talwaar Jab Bhi..
Karna Daya.. Swikar Lena Woh Samarpan...

Sammaan Arpit Praan Arpit...
Lahu Ke Karn Karn Samarpit...
Chahata Hoon Desh Ki Dharti.. Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo...

Maa Manj Do Talwar ko.. Laao Naa Karo Deri..
Baandh Do Kas Kar Kamar Par.. Dhaal Meri..
Talwaar Par Laga Do Charan Ki Dhool Thodi..
Aur Mere Sheesh Pe Aashish Ki Chaaya Ho Teri...

Neend Arpit Swapn Arpit...
Mere Umra Ka Har Pal Samarpit...
Chahata Hoon Desh Ki Dharti.. Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo...

Tod-ta Hoon.. Moh Ka Bandhan Shama Do..
Dost Mere.. Kiwaad, Ghar, Aagan Shama Do..
Aaj Daanye Haath Mein Talwar De Do..
Aur Baanye Haath Mein Dhwaj Thama Do...

Khushiya Arpit Aarzoo Bhi Arpit..
Mere Jeevan Ka Har Rang Samarpit...
Chahata Hoon Desh Ki Dharti.. Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo...

Seemaayein Bula Rahi.. Mujhe Jaana Hoga..
Maa Meri.. Dharti Maa Ka Kar Chukaan Hoga...
Muskuraa De Tu.. Aaj Me Dulha Banaa Hoon...
Jung-E-Dulhan Ko Jitne Mujhe Jaana Hoga...

Mandir Arpit.. Masjid Arpit..
Saare Majhab Tujhko Samarpit...
Chahata Hoon Desh Ki Dharti.. Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo...
Tujhe Kuch Aur bhi Doo..

Friday, January 7, 2011


Of all the fake smiles, the fake Hellos' and the fake Goodbyes..
I look for something sincere, something True...
I wish for the wisdom, the intuition and the sanity
To find the actual gem and guide one another Through.

I have become and shattered sword, a broken shield
a blunt axe and a splintered arrow
where's the blacksmith to sharpen my edges, mend my fractures
Where's the Goldsmith to bring back the sparkling Halo.

I have seen people inspired and fired
motivated and Determined, ready with their burning Desires.
But I am listless, with the feeling so hopeless
There's no passion, no drive to pull myself up even when the things are Dire.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Golden Rules

Over the years I have found Batman's dictum for Joker to hold true, " Expect the unexpected." But somethings in life are too predictable as the laws of Physics(Quantum Physics people shut up!!!) . These things can be set down as rules of our lives :

Rule 1: "Bet against me, you will win."
Seriously, over the past year my wingmates whenever cash strapped have tried this methodology. I have lost many times despite odds being heavily in my favor. This rule is particularly popular during cricket matches.

Rule 2: "KG's entry to Common room during an India match will spell doom for India."
This has happened so many times to be let off as coincidence. Whenever India is hitting hard and cruising Kg will set off for common room from his den and vitrually spell disaster for Team India.

P.S. Rule 2 seems to precede Rule 1.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The DJ Chronicles

I start again after a long time. This post is dedicated to my wing mate Dopa. Literally, DJ is supposed to mean Dopa Joke, but mind you it represents the level of intellect beyond our mortal minds. Over the past year Dopa has reached new milestones for his DJ's, we couldn't keep count. On the persistence of ever so vocal,( but always trying to stay off the record) KG, Orc and Galli, I have decided to make my first entry to DJ archive.

Note: There might be some chronological errors.

1. May 2007, place Ooty.
On our trip to Ooty(I and Orc missed it :( ). while discussing the differences between east and western cultures Dopa pitches in his insightful knowledge of how "Rapes are legal in America". As far as I can remember that was the first such DJ on the record.

2.July 2007, place KG's den
that was the time when one of us got committed, two other were looking at desparate oppurtunities( and still are) and another was being pursued by someone. we also had FIFA fever running high, (those who have played KG don't be fooled, KG is just prelims to play the actual FIFA gods of our wing). I asked KG to play a game of FIFA with me. Dopa, lost in same another realm, says, " Arre FIFA-Fufa kya khel rahe ho? LADKI KHELO NA!!!!!"( Up till know I haven't been able to fathom what he meant by saying that.)

3. circa 2007 (DJ OF ALL TIMES)
One of Dopa's classmates had the luck of having a girlfriend for 2 days . Consequently, he was quite depressed after that. Here enters our great optimistic mind and try to sooth him by saying, " अरे चार दिन की टू ज़िंदगी है, उसमे से दो दिन ऐश करी, अभ बाकी दो दिन पढ़ ले।"

4. Feb 2008, place Himalaya mess
Dopa happens to be acting Tech Sec of our Hostel. For fun I keep bugging him regarding some old Tech books he promised to get in our GBM. In mess suddenly making some connection in his imaginary thought train, he retorts, " Our last hostel nite theme was Graveyard right ! the books are buried in those graves, go and dig them out."

I have to end the post here. If I start qouting all the DJs, as even dopa agreed, I would be stuck for ages.

Friday, August 31, 2007

In a Department Far Far Away

Disclaimer:All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A long long time ago, in a an IIT far far away. The senate council decided to create a new brethren to meet the (so called) challenges of the future. 28 brave souls enlisted for this adventure into the wild. After two years of rigorous training lets see how far these young padawans have felt the power of the force:

T(F)ool: universally applicable tool
ADi: Cyber buff
(C)ork: drugs don't work(under the influence of pheromones)
Asti: a 9 pointer with no interest
Bharat(h): ALAK guy:" isn't he a day scholar???"
Deep Pan: All work and no play still the jack is a bright boy
Hypo(man with 3 names): Jobless guy always at work
Proxy: Innocence is a sin
Chamiya: problem of too many males in life
ID(ea)R: Hairy nest
Atru: Wrong place, wrong time(class rep in 1st year)
Kart: nothing normal about him
Asif: Last man standing always for the lost cause
Dribble: Data not available
rajiv:VA (virtually anonymous)
Pogo(stick): always testing space time continuum (turning back time by 30 min)
Rampened: jack of all but fundae GAWD
Sirisha: how can you defy her highness?
POOh-POOh, no sorry TWO-TWO: sri sisumbaji (at world's end)
Bala: Its my life!!!!!!!
DEAN: last man speaking as world ends
BOOS: man from another realm of reality
Vikas: first impression is the lasting impression
Chittad: PSEUD(O) Punjabi puttar
YSR: I am a disco jumper

the beginning

to be or not to be, to write or not to write, to witness the marvel of sunrise by waking up early or crashing late(as usual). its a real dilemma. Finally I have managed to post my first blog. Thanks Ork for pestering for the obvious reasons.